Unbelievable: Mexican mayor weds reptile

You may have heard of some unusual weddings, but this one might top them all. A Mexican mayor has married a reptile in a traditional ceremony that dates back to pre-Hispanic times.

The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a town in the southern state of Oaxaca, tied the knot with a female crocodile on June 30, 2023. The reptile bride was dressed in a white gown and veil, and carried by the mayor’s aides to the town hall, where the wedding took place.

The ceremony is part of an ancient ritual that honors the Chontal Indians’ belief that the crocodile is a princess who brings prosperity and fertility to the community. The marriage symbolizes the union of two indigenous groups, the Chontales and the Huaves, who live along the Pacific coast.

The mayor, Victor Aguilar, said he was happy to marry the crocodile, who is now officially called Princess. He said he respects and follows the traditions of his ancestors. He also said he hopes the wedding will bring benefits to his town, which relies on fishing and farming.

The wedding was attended by hundreds of locals and tourists, who cheered and danced as the newlyweds were paraded around the streets. The festivities included fireworks, music, and food. The crocodile was then returned to her home in a nearby pond, where she lives with other reptiles.

The mayor said he will visit his crocodile wife from time to time, and that they will have a happy marriage. He said he does not fear her, because she is very gentle and tame. He also said he does not mind sharing her with other crocodiles, because they are part of her family.

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