Anita Brown Speaks Out on Davido’s Silence Regarding Alleged Affair

Anita Brown, the woman who claims to have had an affair with Nigerian superstar Davido, has broken her silence on the controversy that has rocked the internet for the past week. In an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria, Anita revealed how she met Davido, what transpired between them, and why she decided to expose their relationship to the public.

How it all started

Anita said she met Davido in March 2021 at a club in Lagos, where he was performing with his crew. She said she was a fan of his music and approached him for a selfie. She said Davido was friendly and invited her to join him at his table. They exchanged contacts and kept in touch afterwards.

She said Davido invited her to his hotel room later that night, where they had consensual sex. She said she did not know he was engaged to Chioma, his longtime girlfriend and mother of his son, Ifeanyi. She said Davido never mentioned Chioma to her or wore his engagement ring when they were together.

The affair continues

Anita said she and Davido continued to see each other whenever he was in Lagos, which was often. She said they had sex several times in different hotels and locations. She said Davido treated her well and bought her gifts and money. She said she fell in love with him and believed he felt the same way.

She said she did not know about Chioma’s pregnancy until it was announced on social media in September 2021. She said she was shocked and hurt, but Davido assured her that he still loved her and that Chioma was just his baby mama. He told her not to worry and that he would sort things out with Chioma.

The exposure

Anita said she decided to expose their affair after she found out that Davido had secretly married Chioma in a traditional ceremony in November 2021. She said she felt betrayed and used by Davido, who had lied to her for months. She said she wanted to tell the truth and let Chioma know what kind of man Davido was.

She said she contacted a popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, and sent him screenshots of her chats with Davido, as well as photos and videos of them together. She also recorded a video of herself narrating their affair and posted it on Instagram. She said she did not do it for fame or money, but for justice.

The silence

Anita said she expected Davido to respond to her allegations, but he has remained silent since then. She said he blocked her on all platforms and refused to take her calls. She said she does not regret exposing him, but she wishes he would at least apologize to her and Chioma.

She said she has received a lot of backlash from Davido’s fans, who have insulted and threatened her online. She said she is not afraid of them or of any legal action from Davido. She said she has evidence to back up her claims and that she is ready to face any consequences.

She said she hopes Chioma will leave Davido and find someone who will respect and love her. She said she is sorry for hurting Chioma, but she also blames Davido for playing with their emotions. She said she is done with him and wants to move on with her life.

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