10 Secret Websites to Earn $10 Everyday by Taking Pictures with Your Phone

The power of smartphones has opened up countless opportunities for individuals to earn money from the comfort of their own homes. One such avenue is through photography. With the high-quality cameras found in most smartphones, you can capture stunning images and monetize your talent. We’ll unveil 10 secret websites that offer the potential to earn $10 every day by simply taking pictures with your phone. Get ready to turn your passion for photography into a lucrative side hustle!


Foap allows you to upload and sell your photos to a global audience. Brands, marketers, and media agencies are constantly on the lookout for authentic and high-quality visuals, making Foap a great platform to showcase your talent.


As one of the leading stock photography websites, Shutterstock enables you to submit your photos for licensing. With millions of potential buyers, your images can generate a steady stream of income.


Snapwire connects photographers with businesses and individuals seeking custom photos. You can participate in various photography challenges and fulfill specific client requests to earn money.


EyeEm combines a marketplace for selling photos with a thriving photography community. By joining EyeEm, you can showcase your portfolio, participate in photo missions, and gain exposure to potential buyers.


Alamy specializes in stock photos, allowing you to upload your images and earn royalties. They have a large customer base, including media outlets, marketers, and publishers.


Clashot is a mobile app that connects photographers with buyers looking for unique and captivating images. Take advantage of the app’s intuitive interface to monetize your photos quickly.


Dreamstime offers a platform for photographers to sell their images to a vast customer base. Their streamlined submission process and competitive royalty rates make it an attractive option.


Stockimo is part of Alamy and focuses specifically on mobile photography. Submit your best smartphone shots, and if they meet their quality standards, you can earn royalties from sales.

Can Stock Photo:

Can Stock Photo allows you to earn money by uploading your photos and making them available for licensing. They offer competitive commission rates and a user-friendly platform.


SmugMug is a platform that enables photographers to sell their photos online. You can create customized galleries, set your prices, and sell digital or physical prints of your work.

Harness the potential of your smartphone camera and turn your passion for photography into a rewarding source of income. These 10 secret websites provide fantastic opportunities to monetize your images and earn $10 every day by simply taking pictures with your phone. Embrace your creativity, explore these platforms, and seize the chance to showcase your talent to a global audience. Start capturing moments and making money today!

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